Les-Sources is home to the Cleansing for Life Detox Retreats. It is a very peaceful venue and a labour of love created by Karin Joosten.

Karin bought Les Sources in the Cathares country of the French Pyrenees many years years ago while on holiday with a friend and professional artist Bart Holt. They were inspired by the area and wanted to create a safe space to run courses in art, yoga and personal growth. Because neither of them could speak French Bart drew a sketch to show the estate agent who took them straight to the imposing property of Les-Sources. Immediately, they knew that this neglected building, once an imposing spa, was destined to be theirs. When recalling her first encounter Karin says she way stuck by the contrast between the gentleness of the running water all around it and the imposing sturdiness of rocks on which it is built. Her love for the place and desire to share it openly is evident throughout.


Les-Sources is based in Escouloubre-les-Bains which was once a spa resort back in the days when water cures were regarded as a standard medical treatment. It is situated at nearly a 1000m high and boasts its own thermal spring that gushes from the ground at 40 degrees Celsius and is renowned for soothing joints and skin conditions.

The house has been converted from a 60 bedrooms' hotel to a spacious 10 guest’s bedrooms' retreat. There are 2 self-contained flats, a choice of single bedrooms and double bedrooms some with en-suite shower. There are ample bathroom and shower/toilet facilities, even if not always en suite, and a large choice of areas to hang out and relax. Every details are considered and the house is organised to be comfortable above all else.