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What does detox mean?

Unfortunately the term detox is ubiquitous and has become a marketing ploy loosing most of its meaning in the process. However in the context of (juice) fasting and cleansing diets, it refers to the way in which the liver, tissues and individual cells are forced to mobilise all available energy away from demanding digestion and are channelled into detoxification. This effect is supported with nutrients rich juices resulting in more efficient detoxification processes, alkalisation of tissues and mopping out of free-radicals (the cell damaging compounds responsible for degenerative diseases and premature aging)

What is special about tissue cleansing and juice fasting?

Tissue cleansing recognises that the bowel, skin and kidneys have to remain as freely “open” as possible to speed up the process of taking toxins out of the body and avoid re-absorption.  It includes fibre and clay to bind to the toxins dumped into the bowel from the liver and colonic irrigation to remove them; skin brushing and thermal water pool to force the skin to eliminate and a lot of fluid and minerals in the form of vegetable juices and mineral water to flush and stimulate kidney function

Do I have to have Colonic Irrigation while following a detox?

Colonic irrigation speeds up elimination and contributes greatly to minimising the negative side effects usually associated with detoxification such as headaches. It also limits reabsorption of toxins a rather important point considering the effort and energy it takes to detoxify in the first place. It is possible to substitute colonic irrigation with a herbal bowel cleanser but it will not be as effective

What is a Liver and Gall Bladder Flush?

The purpouse of a liver and gall bladder flush is to flush out bile and force it out into the bowel for ellimination. This is useful for two reasons. First bile is the way the body elliminates cholesterol and a lot of fat soluble toxic compounds (i.e. certain drugs and homones). Second the strong contractions that are needed for this process will also loosen and eventually rid the liver and gall bladder of old, thick, harden bile that contributes to liver stagnation and the formation of gall stones. The result is often visible and felt instantly. The process invloves drinking a controled amount of olive oil on an empty stomach. It is diluted with grapefruit juice to make it palatable   

Who will benefit?

Everyone can benefit from improved detoxification function regardless of sex and age. Detoxification is fundamental to hormonal balance and helps neutralise the effects of stress. It is particularly helpful in dealing with difficulties in conceiving as well as the usual stress related conditions.  Skin, digestion and elimination rapidly improve as a result of fasting and cleansing and positive changes can be felt almost straight away.

What are the contra-indications?

There are very few contra-indications. Pregnancy, sever eating disorders and extreme physical weakness are the only specific contra-indications. Bowel, kidney and liver disease are also better dealt with outside the context of a group detoxification and only done under stricter supervision. Other diseases are not contra-indicated but only attempt a juice fast if in a strong enough physical and mental state.

How long should a detox last?

3 days is the minimum time to allow for a full cycle of detoxification and to go beyond the initial adjustments the body goes through when simply skipping a meal. The Cleansing for Life detox programme includes 5 full days of juice feasting and gradual re-introduction of food over a further two days

What are the side effects?

The side effects of juice feasting and tissue cleansing should be minimal if done in the proper manner and at the right pace for the individual. The side effects do tend to be proportionate to the levels of toxicity and do improve with more regular cleanses. The colonics also go a long way towards containing the amount of circulating toxins in a way that does not exceed too much what the individual is capable of handling. However when too many toxins are released in the blood this can lead to a hang-over type feeling and headaches sometimes migraines. If this happens it will be temporary. The treatments and support available on the retreats are there to make any discomfort as mild as possible

What about hunger and cravings?

Those are transient and usually disappear altogether after the first couple of days. Because the Cleansing for Life tissue cleanse is not a complete fast but rather a juice feasting it also ensures good blood sugar balance minimises cravings

What is there to do all day?

The retreat at Les Source is beautifully laid out allowing plenty of personal space for relaxation; there are gorgeous mountain walks straight outside the front door, permanent access to the thermal pool and daily classes and treatment. More importantly the act of fasting bring about an inner peace that makes enjoying the moment a more immediate experience that is especially conducive to inner work and meditation 

How does one prepare for a detox?

There is nothing special to do to prepare however reducing alcohol, caffeine, sugar and smoking leading up to a detox retreat is always a good idea. More importantly to cleanse is an opportunity to review and prepare for improved lifestyle habits. Cleansing and detoxification bring about a heighten sense of awareness that naturally motivate healthier choices

How best to ease back into solid foods?

The retreats are designed to include a meal on the 6th day and a take away salad on the 7th day. After that, it is best to ensure that portion size is reduced but food eaten more frequently than normal for a further 3 days gradually introducing cooked grains such a quinoa and brown rice, fermented dairy such as yogurt, pulses such as humous and dahl and finally animal protein such as fish, meat and eggs

How do I maintain the benefits of my detox as long as possible?

A diet rich in organic vegetables with little or no alcohol, coffee and limited sugar/processed foods is obviously less toxic and will be the better way of maintaining good health. However toxicity doesn’t just build up as a result of diet, stress plays a major role. The effects of detoxification practices are cumulative and will change perception as well as behaviour over time and as they become regular endeavours.  It is truly awesome to experience and witness the changes that come from allowing the natural order of our bodies to take over

How frequently should I detox?

Most people find that between 1 and 2 cleanses a year ensure a constant state of optimum health and are enough to keep on a healthy trail. Those can be complemented with treatments such as colonic irrigations, raw food cleanses and nutritional supplements. Following regular detoxe will ensure that even if faced with periods of intense stress where some of the old habits start to creep back in those will be quickly curbed again and balance restored