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We are surrounded by poisons from hormones in our water to pesticides, plastics, perfumes and flamme retardants. Pollution, our diet, lifestyle and stress levels all combine and conspire to burden our health and sap our vitality. 

However toxins are also produced within the body from the by-products of cellular metabolism, intestinal bacteria and stress. Ironically toxins also come from the detoxification process itself in the form of free-radicals and unstable molecules that must be stabilised or quickly eliminated. This is why an effective detox programme must follow specific steps to stimulate detoxification while ensuring easy and abundant elimination.

Water soluble toxins are excreted directly through the kidneys and urinary system and also through the skin in the form of sweat.

Fat soluble toxins cannot directly enter the urine and form the majority of the body’s toxic overload. In order to remove these diverse molecules the body has a complex system designed to convert them into compounds which in turn are eliminated through the colon via the bile and liver system.

Finally toxic gases are eliminated through the lungs

Lasting from a day to a few weeks a detox aims to support and stimulate the process of detoxification effectively rebalancing energy levels and restoring health.